A New Pill Could Prevent Alzheimer’s…

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If you read my blog regularly, then you have heard me talk about the fact that Alzheimer’s has personally impacted my own family. So of course it’s a topic I follow closely and anything health related interests me. But this week I noticed a flurry of articles on the promise of a new pill which could possibly slow or cure the degenerative disease.  According to The Economic Times the research showed a connection between a toxic level of the molecule name tau and the onset of Alzheimer’s. Said the piece:

The findings showed the need to lower the level of tau —

‘Tau is one of those proteins involved in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. So maybe if we can find drugs that can keep tau at levels that are not toxic for the brain, then we would be able to prevent or delay the development of Alzheimer’s,’ said Huda Zoghbi, Professor at the Baylor University in Texas.

…scientists systematically inhibited enzymes called kinases. They inhibited about 600 kinases … and found one, called Nuak1, whose inhibition resulted in reduced levels of tau.

Wow! It’s promising for sure. They have determined that Nuak1 lowers the tau. Now hopefully grant monies will be allocated for human study groups and eventually the development of a drug. Of course there’s the awful obstacle called the FDA and red tape and time… It all seems so far away. At the same time, hope is hope! On that note, I just hope it comes out sooner than later.
I wonder if anything “natural’ lowers tau? It’s worth asking…


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