Happy to be Home. Fall is in ‘Bloom’ …

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Why do I love Southern California? Look at these pictures. It’s not lost on me how lucky I am that I get to take in this kind of natural beauty daily. Fall Fall is on its way and it’s just beautiful here. The combination of colors takes my breath away. Where else can you hike daily, go for a swim in the ocean, shoot a film, hop in the voiceover booth for an amazing gig, and go to Cryotherapy at a juice bar – all in the same week? It just doesn’t get any better. (By the way, check out my previous post on Renew Juicery – so good).Juice





Lately, I have been traveling all over the country, the world really, and loving it. But sometimes, my home is often the best vacation – for my spirit at least.

Over the holiday weekend I was lucky enough to stop and smell the roses for nice respite.  I spent some time on the hiking trail, at Venice Beach and just hanging out with the trees. Oh yeah, me and the trees – now that’s paradise. Of course every chance I get no matter what the season, I make sure to take in the majestic natural beauty that is available to all of us who are privileged to live here. It’s awe-inspiring. But I do love the autumn colors…

The fall season in Socal is upon us. I can’t complain.:)



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