Hot Peppers, Heart Healthy? More Peppers, Please!

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I have always naturally had a good brain for science and of course I love linking the science of food, especially organic healthy eating, to prolonged life. But who knew that my natural tendency toward hot and spicy was also good for my health. Sure I’ve heard that peppers are good for speeding up the metabolism. I’ve also heard that those who can’t withstand the the spicier pepper are lacking in some sort of vitamin. (Although I never knew if that was true.) But now, science has backed up all the rumors spread by grandmothers of years gone by. It turns out that peppers, the hotter kind, can actually prolong life! It’s true. A new article has just come out which has scientists standing at attention. If you haven’t seen it shared all over the Net, I’ll give your the encapsulated version. An article published last week in NY Magazine titled, Scientists Say There’s More Proof Eating Hot Peppers Could Prolong Life, says:

…Scientists from the University of Vermont College of Medicine looked at 16,179 adults who completed the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey between 1988 and 1994. Roughly 34 percent died over the next 19 years, but when the authors limited data to the cohort that consumed red chili peppers, only about 22 percent of them died. They say their findings support linking it to lower mortality from any cause, but that it was strongest for fatal vascular diseases like heart disease and stroke…They conclude that eating hot peppers is associated β€œwith a 13 percent reduction in the instantaneous hazard of death,” which is science-ese for something technical, but surely no layperson can be faulted for feeling justified in always making the knee-jerk decision to use the super-atomic-level hot sauce.

Now I know why I crave peppers so often (I’m only slightly kidding, by the way.) Seriously though, at some point, it just makes sense I think that there will be a collective shift. When we all come to a point where science meets alchemy and we realize that everything we need, all the science and medicine we need, can all naturally be harvested in plants and vegetation, if we choose to wake up. Yet another reason why we shouldn’t be destroying the planet and why it’s true what they say, “You are what you eat!”

Read the article in its entirety here – you will be running out to your local farmer’s market in no time!

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