Moth Infested Clothes – NO!

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It seems like the rain and the damp weather brought with it some pesky moths who have been feasting, unfortunately, on my favorite clothes. So as I do with everything, I’m determined to find the best, most all natural solution for these awful critters. I’ve never dealt with this before so I wasn’t sure if it’s a single moth who causes the holes or if they nest and lay eggs and then does that mean there is a larger issue? But in doing research, it looks like you need to go after the larvae. I don’t like using anything toxic in my home so I’d love to avoid fumigating if I can or even those awful moth balls. Besides they make you smell like walking must – no that is not happening – Β so this doesn’t sound like a real fix to me. I did find a product on Planet Natural called Safer which is supposedly non toxic and traps moths but I don’t know if I’m there yet. I have a few remedies I’m ready to try first. In any case, if you have dealt with these really annoying creatures, here is what I discovered. And I have to say, it looks less and less like I’ll have to fumigate and buy a whole new wardrobe – at least that is what I’m telling myself. First I found out that moths do not like cedar so buying a bunch of cedar hangers will be the first step. They also don’t like orange so any orange potpourri I can hang in the closet, done. Hey it’s worth a try right? Also Vogue suggests wiping down all the corners of your closet shelves with a damp cloth and sending all the area rugs and blankets out for dry cleaning. Then apparently, the larvae can’t live if you wash everything so off it goes, and I mean all of it, to the cleaners. And this last trick kind of grossed me out if I’m being honest, but supposedly if you put your clothes in plastic bags and stick them in the freezer, bye-bye moths, the larvae die. But something just seems really wrong about putting a moth infested anything in the freezer. And the notion of dying larvae near my frozen food, doesn’t sit well with me. So I’ll keep you posted. Hopefully this is the last blog about moths – I never want to type the word “larvae” again.

Fingers crossed…

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