Bio Frequency Stickers – The Story Unfolds…

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The science behind bio-frequency stickers operates on the premise that we all absorb energy and we all operate on a certain natural frequency. The theory is then, that when that frequency dips, our immune system can become vulnerable to illness. If you have been a regular follower of my blog, then you already know that I am very open to holistic medicines and healing modalities of all kinds. Recently I discovered and have been wearing smart stickers by Body Vibes –  bio frequency stickers. I thought they are kind of fun and decorative but more than that, I wanted to see if I felt any change in my energy or health. After a bit I have to say I have noticed that they are really starting to work. The overall wellness I’m feeling has prompted me to do more research which I will obviously share with you. First, from the site, Body Vibes says:

All of our bodies operate at an optimal internal frequency – a sweet spot in the neighborhood of 62-72Hz. Studies have shown that when your frequency slips, your immune system is compromised, which opens the door to getting sick. Body Vibes work by targeting the Central Nervous System, a hub of energy powered by a network of electrical signals that vibrate along our nerves. It controls everything we do, including our responses to pleasure and pain. The bio-frequencies programmed into Body Vibes mimic the same frequencies that are already found in our body.

As I said, I have noticed a difference, but what do experts say? Well after searching everywhere, there’s not much. It seems there just aren’t comprehensive, published studies yet on the stickers. Body Vibes is a start up and mostly what I discovered, was opinion based on experience. An article on Sporteluxe concurs:

This all might sound a little woo-woo, and your skepticism is justified — there aren’t exactly large-scale studies backing up the efficacy of frequency patches. However, the alternative healing method does have a lot of followers, and Kritzer herself launched the company after successfully using smart stickers to naturally manage her own anxiety and her husband’s arthritis. This experience inspired her to develop a contemporary line of creatively-designed smart stickers that millennial women would actually want to wear.

I love Body Vibe at least so far, but the data just isn’t conclusive. It seems there have been multiple studies on bio feedback using electrodes and bio sound wave therapy which is used in conjunction with medical and psychiatric traditional healing programs, but smart stickers or patches are new. So we wait – and truthfully I don’t mind being part of a revolution if it is about wellness in the end. Right now, I am simply monitoring how I feel and I feel great. Still many physical therapists and holistic healers are lauding the benefits of smart stickers and I’m paying close attention. I will keep you posted.

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