All We Have is Time

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Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I had this wonderful dinner with Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin and his family. He invited me and the cast and crew to an absolutely lovely Thanksgiving celebration at his home. After dinner, he asked us all to name one thing that we were thankful for. As each person spoke, you weren’t allowed to repeat the same sentiment. We were in a giant circle around this massive feast. By the time he got through four people, all the standard answers were chosen. The first person said, health and then someone said family and so on. A week later I was back in Los Angeles and I was still sort of thinking about my answer, thinking I should have said this or that. Then I kind of forgot about it and went with my daily life in Los Angeles. I wasn’t consciously contemplating it. The conversation served as an exercise and gave me gifts that reverberated much later. Subconsciously, it was a sort of a meditation existing within me. All of a sudden one day, I had this weird perspective shift because of the conversation with the governor. I realized I’d been fighting time my whole life. I was always complaining that I never had enough time, that there were never enough hours in the day. And it occurred to me that I am actually very thankful for time. Thank God for time because I wouldn’t get as much done. I wouldn’t be as motivated. Maybe I trick myself into thinking that I could do more with more time, but would I really? Time aids in productivity and it forces prioritization. More importantly, it shows you how to appreciate what you have when you have it and not take things for granted because nothing is forever, not people, not situations, nothing. The passage of time also heals and thank goodness for that. Time is also literally the dimension through which we perceive this life, not just the punctuation of the passage of time. It also adds psychological and emotional dimension to life as it is the framework through which we perceive and value people and things. So I had this new appreciation for the construct of time rather than hating it. Instead of now resenting the system of time, I now had a heightened awareness about it. In that moment, I very peacefully accepted and had a deep gratitude for all the things that the system of time gives me, as a human being. A deep and welcomed shift in perspective, all in thanks to Gov. Bevin and his thoughtful hospitality and after dinner conversation.

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