Morning Yoga, and Gucci…

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I love LA. You can wear fuzzy loafers that make no sense in December, do morning yoga, and not have a worry in the world. That’s how my trip back has been, so relaxing and chill. The weather is of course enviable, what can I say, Los Angeles temps are perfect most of the time. I’ve been catching up with all my favorite people and I’d be negligent if I didn’t say that my cat is pretty happy too. Oh and did I mention Gucci loafers? Oh yeah, the fuzzy ones I referred to in the opening. Look you can’t do any of this in early December on the East Coast. If I sound super grateful, it’s because I am. As this year comes to a close, I realize how lucky it’s been. I’ve traveled all over the world, enjoyed beautiful memories with my loves (you know who you are) and made some new friends as well. Totally optimistic as I head into 2017, I look forward to more adventure, creativity and beautiful friends and family. FYI: I have so many projects on the cue – more on that in upcoming blogs. But for now, I’m just enjoying the “hiatus” that is happening in Los Angeles right now. Stay tuned though and follow me on instagram, Twitter, and snapchat – I am easy to find, Vail Bloom – I’ll be posting updates very soon, more huge news, and lots more fun days off!

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