Filming, The Berguen Inst., the 21c Museum Hotel…

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I’m back at my home away from home again –Β 21c Museum Hotel Lexington. Β Working on the film and getting some much needed Southern hospitality from the people. I love it here, so does this baby in the sink – luxury doesn’t discriminate. But before this, since I haven’t updated you in a while, last week I started table reads for my new indie film which I am producing and starring in – more to come on that. And… Please check out this impressive man’s work – CharlesTaylor The #Berggruen Institute’s #Philosophy Prize Winner. Congratulations to Charles, my friend Nicolas and his Institute which is an organization I’m truly excited about and stand behind any way that I can. I have included my video from Instagram. By the way – follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. I post updates all the time! Until next time…

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