Sisley Paris: Love It!

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I just had a facial at Sisley and I loved it. I am new to the brand but I bought some skincare products after the facial and I’m now a huge fan. I had not been aware of this line – it’s all natural and seriously, my skin responded right away. In keeping with my recent travel to MIPCOM in France, Sisley is a french brand. Explore the Sisley line. I highly recommend it if you prefer natural products and you have not heard of it. A little bit from the site about Sisley’s all natural approach to cosmetics:

Phyto-cosmetology is the concept at the center of Sisley’s creations and relates to using the best plant-based extracts in order to create the best cosmetics. Sisley has drawn its inspiration from the very heart of the plant and has established itself at the forefront of phyto-cosmetology.sisley


Plants’ vital energy, their capacity for regeneration and adaptation, their protection systems, and their fragrances have been put to use for the skin. To create these products, Sisley selects the best type of plant in its category, the most effective part of the plant for the problem being treated, the country or region where this plant is the best and, finally, Sisley harvests the plant at the very moment when it will provide the most effective active properties.

C’est parfait!


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